How Implementing 179D Can Help Your Design Firm


Designing Green Building

Design firms are qualified for the 179d deduction for public building projects because the IRS allows the deduction to be allocated from the public building owner to the firm. This is a major selling point when vying for a bid.

Financial Benefit

While the financial benefits depends on 3 factors; the design firm’s tax rate, energy savings, and building size. Usually for every 100,000 of highly energy efficient building designed translates to deductions of $1800,000 and /460,000 of tax savings.

179 Energy Tax Credits for Business

Be the most informed design firm when bidding for a project by understanding the latest deductions for your client. With the green trend still going strong, a company will be more inclined to work with you based on the promise of building an energy efficient building. Learn more about the energy efficient tax deduction by visiting 179d online.




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