Help Your Business and The Planet


The Section 179d Tax Deduction

These days, green energy is a very popular talking point, and with global warming and the dwindling of resources on our planet, we have become more aware of the mortality of Earth. The unfortunate aspect of green technology, whether it is a car, a building, or a restaurant even, is the cost to make the building truly green and energy efficient. That is why the Energy Policy Act (2005) of 179d is so crucial for businesses. Privately held building owners can quality for a tax deduction under this law. A feasibility investigation determines the eligibility and value of the deduction. If the building is deemed a suitable candidate an energy model is constructed and a mandatory site visit verifies the building equipment.

Commercial Building Energy Efficient Tax Deduction

The energy savings are broken into three categories: Building Envelope, HVAC, and lighting, each representing $0.60 of the total $1.80 per square foot tax deductions. To learn more about this money-saving construction format, and to receive your free consultation, simply call (312) 469-8387 or head over to our website. We can’t wait to work with you to help the planet and yourself!


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